Mission & Values

Polyflow designs, manufactures and markets spoolable pipe systems for exploration and production customers in the upstream and midstream segments of the oil and gas industry.

We reduce our customer’s overall cost of ownership by providing a durable pipe solution that is easy to install and free from corrosion resistance, while delivering unmatched safety, reliability and robustness.


  • Always operate with a Safety First policy.

  • Leverage our unique manufacturing capabilities for multi-layer extrusion and braiding technology to create spoolable pipe with superior corrosion resistance and strength.

  • Promote our low-cost installation techniques as compared to steel pipe and other pipe configurations.

  • Continually enhance and improve the quality of our products to consistently deliver high performance, safety and reliability.

  • Maintain a world-class technical organization to supervise and train our customers, contractors and inspectors how to install Polyflow products for maximum utilization and longevity.

  • Develop new products that expand the applications for our pipe systems, improving the ability to compete with and outperform steel and other similar technologies.


  • Utilize multi-layer extrusion technology and braid configuration to provide the market with pipe systems that offer superior performance, and are cost-competitive with steel and alternatives.

  • Build world-class plants for local manufacturing near our customers, improving the availability of our products and services while driving down logistical costs.

  • Provide a high level of service and support to ensure proper installation of our products for maximum safety and reliability.

  • Brand and market our products and services to be the recognized leader in reinforced thermoplastic pipe, and our customer’s first choice when they need to transport hydrocarbons and other gases and fluids.