Couplings for Thermoflex® and Thermoflex® Plus Pipe

Metallic couplings and termination fittings are designed to connect two segments of Thermoflex® pipe, or to connect Thermoflex® pipe to infrastructures.

The couplings are comprised of an internal stem and external ferrules, which are swaged by a custom-designed light-weight hydraulic swaging machine during installation.

Couplings for Thermoflex® Lite Pipe

Connections for Thermoflex® Lite pipe can be completed with either a mechanical or an electrofusion process. Each process is tightly controlled to ensure proper joining and field integrity. The electrofusion method joins the pipe by melting the pipe surface and fitting together. The mechanical method relies on couplings that rapidly install with simple hand tools. Both methods produce a strong, lasting and durable pipe connection.

Coupling installation in the field
Termination Fittings

Thermoflex® pipe termination fittings provide the interface for connecting the pipe to common oilfield infrastructures.

Options include:

  • NPT or BSPT threads

  • Weld end

  • API 6A/ASME B16.5 flange

    All three styles can be designed to mate up with standard sizes of pipe, or with customized sizes if required. As an example, 2 3/8 in. Thermoflex® couplings will mate with a 2 in. API/ASME equivalent flange, 2 in. NPT threads or a 2 in. schedule 40 steel pipe.

Benefits of termination fittings include:

Threaded Style

  • Sizes match standard NPT thread sizes

  • BSPT thread options are available

  • Splice Couplings


Weld Style

  • Sizes match standard steel pipe sizes

  • Beveled with a land

  • Weld-ready using standard weld procedures

Weld style termination fitting with Ferrule removed

Flange Style

  • Sizes match standard steel flange sizes

  • Multiple face flange options are available

  • Stem mates with off-the-shelf ring flange


Splice Couplings

Splice couplings are designed to join two segments of Thermoflex® pipe directly with one continuous stem and two external ferrules.

It eliminates the need for welding, flange make up, or thread joint make up.

Benefits of splice couplings include:

  • No field welding required which reduces installation time, cost and risk

  • Installation is not weather dependent

  • Couplings are stronger than pipe

  • Finish OD is the same as the Thermoflex® pipe eliminating hang-ups while pulling through existing pipe or through a trench.

  • Allows pigging

Splice couplings, long style

Splice couplings, long style

Splice couplings, short style

Splice couplings, short style

Prefabricated Riser Couplings

Polyflow offers prefabricated steel riser to connect Thermoflex® pipe to the infrastructure without requiring field welding.

The riser comes with the same internal stem and external ferrule that can connect Thermoflex® pipe using the same swaging machine and procedure. The other end of the riser comes with a matching interface to the infrastructure. 

Benefits of prefabricated riser couplings include:

  • No field welding which reduces installation time, cost and risk

  • Can be pretested in the shop before field installation

Splice Coupling and Termination Fitting Installation Machine

Thermoflex® splice couplings and termination fittings are designed to be installed with a portable swaging machine for rapid and reliable field installation.

Through the swaging process, the external ferrule is plastically compressed through a set of dies. This creates compressive pressure between the internal stem to lock into the Thermoflex® pipe wall. The compressive pressure on Thermoflex® pipe also creates a seal to internal fluid. The swaging machine can be powered by either an electric or a hand operated hydraulic pump.  

Features of the Swaging Machine Include:

  • Lightweight and portable (250 – 300 lbs depending on size and length)

  • One machine type for all Thermoflex® pipe sizes

  • Fast installation time (less than 20 minutes)

  • Reliable visual inspection for go/no-go check


Mechanical Couplings

Our mechanical couplings offer up to 10X faster installation times and only require off-the-shelf hand tools.

This type of coupling is also good for confined and tight spaces.

With mechanical couplings, you get:

  • Rapid installation time – pipe is immediately in service with no heating or cooling time required. The couplings can be installed on new, used or dirty pipe.

  • Weather independent installation – weather is not a factor and no tents are required.

  • Proven pressure performance – couplings meet or exceed the pressure ratings of the pipe

  • Installation with simple hand tool – typically an impact gun with socket. No special training or certification is required

mechanical coupling

Electrofusion Couplings

Our electrofusion couplings use tried and true processes and materials for the highest reliability.

With these couplings, there is no loss of pipe ID and no reduction of strength at the joint. Electrofusion couplings offer superior corrosion resistance and compatibility with all fluid types.

Electrofusion couplings provide:

  • Low per-unit cost – usually half the cost of mechanical connections, and available from a variety of vendors

  • Traceability – can be tracked by GPS for any subsurface location, connections are summarized in project report for the customer

  • Consistency – fusing program selection is automatic (based on temperature, wall thickness and pipe size).  An error warning notifies the installer of improper connection, and helps keep it from entering service