Thermoflex® Lite Pipe

Thermoflex® Lite Composite Pipe

Polyflow’s Thermoflex® Lite composite pipe is the best choice for long continuous runs required to transport fluids at pressures below 300 psi.

This product fills the gap between standard HDPE pipe and our Thermoflex® pipe offering, without requiring pressure derating for fluids with hydrocarbon presence. Pipe joining in the field is accomplished by either an electrofusion or a mechanical process. Detailed information about coupling types and the coupling process can be found on our Couplings page.

Thermoflex® Lite pipe is manufactured using a proprietary one-step co-extruded production process which includes a Nylon PA-6 liner to protect the HDPE pipe from hydrocarbon contamination. The result is a cost-effective, durable pipe without the need to derate pressure specifications for hydrocarbons.

  • Hydrocarbon transmission, including oil and condensate

  • Produced salt water and brine

  • CO2 and H2S compatible

  • Lines to disposal sites

  • Connections to gathering stations

  • Multiple field-proven joining processes

  • PE 4710-designated HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe

  • Nylon PA-6 (Polyamide) liner for protection from hydrocarbon contamination

  • Does not require pressure derating due to published Environmental Application Factors

  • Manufactured to ASTM F2807 standard for Multilayer PE-PA (Polyethylene-Polyamide) pipe for pressure piping applications