Thermoflex® Plus Pipe

Thermoflex® Plus Composite Pipe

Polyflow’s Thermoflex® Plus composite pipe is the best solution for protection against sour gas permeation.

Its Fortron® PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) layer offers outstanding resistance to chemical effects at elevated temperatures over prolonged periods of time. Pipe joining in the field is accomplished by either using termination fittings or metallic couplings. Detailed information about coupling types and the coupling process can be found on our Couplings page.

Thermoflex® Plus pipe adds a layer of Fortron® PPS during the manufacturing process to protect against sour gas permeation.

This provides up to 20 times the design life improvement in high temperature sour conditions as compared to standard HDPE pipe.  Fortron® permeates as less than 10% the rate of HDPE in comparable H2S and CO2 conditions.

Fortron is a registered trademark of Fortron Industries.