Thermoflex® Pipe

Thermoflex® Composite Pipe

Polyflow’s Thermoflex® composite pipe offers the strength of steel with superior durability.

Its lightweight construction and long length provide a low-cost, versatile pipe solution that is easy to install in a variety of applications. Pipe joining in the field is accomplished by either using termination fittings or metallic couplings. Detailed information about coupling types and the coupling process can be found on our Couplings page.

Thermoflex® pipe is manufactured using Polyflow’s proprietary multi-layer polymer construction for chemical resistance, low permeation and temperature resistance. Thermoflex® pipe is available in sizes from 1 in. to 6 in. OD with an operating pressure range from 275 to 1,500 psi. 

  • Less manpower and faster installation with rapid unspooling

  • Long spool lengths mean fewer joints and fittings

  • Lightest weight among spoolable, flexible pipe

  • Flexibility for challenging terrain and tight applications

  • No welding necessary

  • Simple, low-cost zinc chromate-coated carbon or duplex stainless steel couplings

  • Multi-layer polymer design to maximize cost/performance

  • Liners designed to resist hydrocarbons, H2S, and CO2 environments

  • Low permeation with no softening and swelling

  • High-strength Aramid fibers for cyclical loading resistance